What makes our ready made frames different? 

Firstly we make our frames in-store. So we know we are using high quality materials. 

We use the same timbers that we make our “custom’ frames with but at a significantly discounted price. 

We use only foam core backings in the frames. Our foam core is acid free so won’t discolour your photographs the way ready-made frames with MDF (timber) backings do.

The mat boards we use are also acid free. 

attaching the photo to the frame

There are a few WRONG ways to attach your photo to the mat board of a ready made frame. 
Incorrect attachment will cause the photo to buckle.
We have prepared a video BELOW showing the best method of attaching your photo to the mat board. 


We have created a range of ready made frames to suit most popular sizes of photos.

These frames come in a variety of colours and profiles. 

Our collection of frames, offers a range of fresh decor options for your home or office, when you want the best in classic  or contemporary decor options.

Drop in to see examples today.