What makes our ready made frames different? 

Firstly we make ours ready made frames in-store. So we know we are using the highest quality materials. 

We use the same timbers that we make our “custom” frames with but at a significantly discounted price. 

Our ready made’s have foam core backing in the frames. Our foam core is acid free so won’t discolour your photographs the way ready-made’s with MDF (timber) backings do.

The MDF timber backing found in most ready made’s contains formaldehyde, a recognised carcinogen. MDF can have a pH of 4. I did a quick google search. Acid rain and tomato juice has the same pH as MDF! 

We don’t use plastic mouldings. All of our ready made frame mouldings are timber. 

From experience, we have found synthetics fall apart over time. 

I always give the example of plastic kids toys left in the sun. They deteriorate, become brittle, so too do the synthetic frames.

The mat boards we use are also acid free. 

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attaching the photo to the frame

There are a few WRONG ways to attach your photo to the mat board of a ready made frame. 
Incorrect attachment will cause the photo to buckle.
We have prepared a video BELOW showing the best method of attaching your photo to the mat board. 


We have created a range of ready made’s to suit most popular sizes of photos.

These come in a variety of colours and profiles. 

Our collection of frames, offers a range of fresh decor options for your home or office, when you want the best in classic or contemporary decor options.

We regularly update our range as new stock becomes available. 

Drop in to see examples today.

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If we don’t have a ready made to suit, we can always custom make one for you. More info here