Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions as of July 2022 

1. Payment A deposit of 50% is required at the placement of the initial order, the balance is due and payable at the completion of the framing. Or in the case of part of an order being completed and taken, the balance is due on collection of the completed part of the order.

2. Cancellation – Customers can choose to cancel an order at any time, however we and or our representatives reserve the right to charge for materials, used and or ordered specifically for that frame or service.

3. Completion dates – The estimated completion date is approximately 3 weeks from the order date. Circumstances such as an item being out of stock or a large volume of work may increase the estimated completion date. If this occurs, we endeavour to contact the Customer and advise of any delays where it is reasonable to do so. Longer than estimated turnaround times does not in any way void the sale.

4. Risk, Loss or damage – Although fair and reasonable care is taken with each and every order, we cannot accept responsibility for orders either damaged, lost or stolen while in our possession.

5. Guarantee and returns – We warrant the goods provided and methods used in construction to be suitable for the intended use, based on the information given by the Customer and or by our Suppliers. We offer to accept any product deemed to be faulty, returned to us on the basis that we view the works at our premises first and make an assessment as to the next course of action we may or may not take. If a piece has been ‘tampered’ with by the client or a third party, we deem this as voiding the warranty or guarantee on said goods.

6. Materials and Processes – We reserve the right to substitute materials used in the framing and construction process at our discretion. We use industry standard processes and procedures where reasonably practicable to create the required end products and believe that we do so in the best interest of the client’s needs. The materials we use can vary and in the case of wooden frames they may have ‘character marks’ knots, resin lines and differences in finish. Where reasonably practicable we endeavour to match pieces and work to minimise differences which may occur, but reserve the right to use materials which may feature some of these qualities.

7. Conservation and Permanence – The Customer acknowledges that it is impossible for us to give any guarantee or assurance of permanence of the condition of the artwork or of the services supplied in respect of it and, accordingly, that the client has not received any such guarantee or assurance from us.  Further, that the client has not entered into this agreement in reliance upon any such guarantee or assurance.

8. Collection – At the collection of the order, the owner assumes all responsibility for any damage or breakage when it leaves our premises. Items must be collected within 30 days of the completion of the order.

9. Storage We reserve the right to charge a storage fee if the frame is not  collected in the 30 days. All unpaid balances shall accrue interest at 1½ % per month.

10. Debt Recovery – We reserve the right to: (1) Terminate an agreement (2) Withhold materials or services (3) Bring legal action (4) Sell customers work to recover amounts owed and associated costs.

11. Quotes – Valid for 30 days from the date the quotation was made. We reserve the right to check and alter a quotation if we believe at the time of taking the order that an error has occurred in the quotation process.

12. Repairs – We cannot provide any assurance as to the frame structure and materials of manufacture on frames we repair, we endeavour to do our best to repair frames and reserve the right to refuse to repair a frame we deem too fragile to repair before, or after taking the order, or a frame which may not be suitable for use upon repair. Customers must ensure any damage to the frame and artwork they present for repair is duly noted, we will not be liable for any damage the customer claims has happened while the frame is with us, or any of our agents for repair.

13. Title – The ownership of any article sold by us shall not pass to the customer until full payment has been received. We reserve the right to retake possession of the goods and for this purpose the Customer hereby consents to us or our agent/s to enter onto the customer’s premises to do so.

14. Returns – May be accepted (at our discretion) if the product is faulty. Returns are at the customers own expense unless the return is a result of our error or a faulty product. A 50% Cancellation Fee for any custom made items may apply if you cancel your order after it has been made.

15. Storage – Frames and artworks stored with us awaiting framing and after being framed, are kept in a manner we deem suitable to ensure the artwork and frames maintain their integrity and with no claim possible from the Customer for any loss or damage which may occur from this process.

16. Transport – We clear ourselves of liability from any damage to a frame, a vehicle or personal property whilst being transported from our workshop or supplier, to the delivery point, either by us, the client or an agent of the customer.

17. Information and Advice – We inform customers and prospects on a range of aspects as to how a picture might be hung, cared for, matted, transported conserved etc. We do so based on the information at hand and can not warrant the information given will always be correct for the item and or the processes we or you use. We intend to be accurate and considered in our approach but err on the side of caution, noting that we can not anticipate all situations and challenges we might advise or inform about. Therefore we believe any advice or information we provide as being of educational value only and absolve ourselves of any damage of any kind resulting from that information or advice being implemented by you or others you might instruct based on our information.

Any changes to our terms and conditions will be updated here. 

If you would like any further information regarding our terms and conditions, please feel free to email us at info@pictureframingshak.com.au or call us on 0439 360 088.

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